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2021. 4. 14

    [서양화] 전지연 ㅣ Jeon, Ji Youn 1454
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Jeon, Ji Youn
M.F.A College of Fine Arts, SUNY New Paltz, New York
M.F.A Graduation School of Fine Arts, Hong-ik University, Seoul, Korea
B.F.A College of Fine Arts, Hong-ik University, Seoul, Korea
26th Solo Exhibitions

Selected Group Exhibitions
Artkorea London 2017 ( Le Dame Art Gallery, London, UK )
Puro Arte (Vigo, Spain)
2008 Beijing Poly Auction
Karlsruhe International Art Fair 2010 (Germany)
KIAF(Coex, Korea)
Bank of Art Fair (Singapore Pan Pacific Hotel)
Miami River Art Fair (Miami convention center)
Media-Renaissance (Yangpyeong Art Museum, Korea )
Seoul Art Show (Setac, Korea)
Art Asia 2012( Coex, Korea)
Busan International art fair (Busan Culture Center, Korea)
Icon of Asia (EM art gallery in Beijing,China)
Art and Practice (Seo gallery, Korea)
New flux in Paris 2006 (Mille PlateauxGallerie, France)
Korea contemporary artist (As gallery, Ginza, Japan)
The Others (Scott Pfaffmam Gallery, NY)
The Faculty Selects Exhibition (College Art Gallery at SUNY New Paltz,)

2016 International Business Award 
Korea Culture Collection Art Prize
Korea Development Fund Literature
21th National Museum of Modern Art
National Museum of Modern Art.
Kuwait Embassy
Consulate General in Honolulu
Local Government officials Development Institute,
Korea Semiconductor Industry Association etc.

Artist’s Note
The invisible world is equivalent to the unseen color. Through the vehicle of “Colors and Ulgae”, I attempt to express this unseen color and its message. The color yellow represents self-confidence, an optimistic mentality, and energy. Although it is also an indication of jealousy, yellow ultimately assumes positivity by denoting brightness, a sense of happiness, and creativity. Through the unseen yellow, I dream of achieving my ideal of sharing. “The elegant but also simple ulgae implies the human mind.’
Although ulgae consists of only colors and lines, it is also the journey of our souls toward our homeland. It is my calling as an artist to capture a color that cannot be seen. To express and share a world that cannot be seen is the artist’s sacred mission. Creating art that portrays the invisible is an endless challenge that fills my heart.
Flowing-1509(2) 60.5x60.5cm mixed media on canvas 2015
.Flowing-1606(9) 150x150cm mixed media on canvas 2016
Flowing-1607(2) 145.5x112cm mixed media on canvas 2016