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2020. 7. 11

    [서양화] 구자승 l Koo,Cha-Soong 8444
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Koo Cha Soong (1941~    )

*  Graduated from Dept. of painting, College of Fine Arts Hong-Ik University.
  Entered Ontario College of Art, Canada.
*  The 14th Solo Show, The 7th Couple Show.
*  The Contemporary Realism in the world & 350th Invitation Exhibition.
*  Awarded fromative art award art Montecalo International Contemporary Art Fair.
*  Awarded Silver ward of Salon Violet.
*  Awarded Educator's ward for the world peace.
*  Awarded Art culture award.
*  Awarded Oh, Ji-Ho Art Ward.
*  Ok-Cho-Guen-Chung Order.

*  Member of screening committee for Korea Grand Art Exhibition.
*  Chairman of 6.8 Association.
*  Chairman of Korean Figurepainting Artist Association.
*  Member of screening committee, examining candidates for awarded of Seoul City
  Cultual Award.
*  Member of screening committee for Kwang-ju City Grand Art Exhibition.
*  Director, League of Korea Art Organigation.
*  Professor, Sangmyung University.

*  Chairman of Shinmisool Whe.
*  Sponsor of Korean Figurepainting Artist Association.
*  An honorary professor of Sangmyung University.   
*  Vice Chairman, World Art Promotion Association.

*  Jeon, Doo Hwan, the president of republic of korea.
*  Adressing scene of Noh, Tae Woo, the president of Republic of Korea at the
  national Assembly of Hungary.
*  Kim, Dea Choong, the president of Republic of Hungary.
*  Bang, Jong Bok, president of Samyang sa company Ltd and his better half.
*  Kim, Sang Hong an honorary professor.
*  Choi, Soo Sam, president of seoul newspaper publishing company. 
*  Mr. and Mrs. Chairman of LG.
*  Jeong, moon Sool, president of Mirae Indestial company Ltd.
*  Kwan, Byung Ill, president of Chi Hak Sa.
*  Jeong, Hyun Soo chairman of foreign exchange bank.
*  Woo, Chan Mok, president of choheung Bank.
*  Lee, Kyung Sik, president of Bank of Korea.
*  Hwang, kyung Ro, chairman of POSCO.
*  Jung, Byung Sik chairman of POSCO.
*  Kim, Man Jae chairman of POSCO.
*  Koh, Joon Sik, chairman of POSCO.
*  Ahn, Byung Hwa, chairman of POSCO.
*  Choi, Mal Soo, chairman of POSCO.
*  Kim, Jong Jin, chairman of POSCO.
*  Kim, Soong Ho, chairman of Bo-Ryung pharmaceutical company.
*  Song Kang, ChungChul scroll of portrait
*  Lee, Kil Ryeu, president of Kyungwon University.
*  Park, Soong, president of Korean Bank.
*  Lee, Joon Bang, Chaairman of SangMyung University.
*  Kim, Sang Chi, An honorary chairman of Tong-A newspaper.
A longing for 250x 140cm 2008
The Still- life on the table 120x97cm 2007
The Still -Life on Square table 20호
A Lady, Watercolour on Paper, 68X46cm
The Plum 53x45cm Oil on Canvas