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2022. 12. 8

    [서양화] 박성식 ㅣ Park, Sung SIk 4348
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Park Sung Sik
1958 Born n Seoul
F.A. University of Sejong (painting), South Korea

Selected Solo Exhibitions & Group Exhibitions
2016 Ruben Gallery in Seoul

Art Fairs
2019 Scope Art Show Miami, USA
2019 AAF Amsterdam
2017 Miami Scope, USA
2016 AAF art fair HongKong
2016 AAF Hampstead, London, UK
2016 Affordable art fair New York
2016. Affordable art fair London, UK
2016. Singapore art fair
2016. Art fair of Miami Aqua, USA

Group exhibitions
2017 Artkorea London ( Le Dame Art Gallery, UK)
2016 ArtKorea London ( Le Dame Art Gallery, London UK )
1995 Insa Art Gallery in Seoul
2012 57th Gallery in Seoul
1986. Dongsungdong avenue in Seoul
1997. Keongin Gallery in Seou
2007. Namu Gallery in Heiri
2013. Ci-ol art fair in SeouL

Artists Note
 The everything begins with the question. I am who I am? Any time and any space where ever I exist, even though it is a philosophical asking to oneself, I actually need to ask myself or ‘persona’ it is start to create artworks those questions by making my visual art painting in order to verify its oddity of existence of being. Being past and being present have their coexistence in a moment, the aim of my works are all about the inner sight and the hollow reality of that special moment, some collision between them giving some case of human story talking with another Ego. Meanwhile, his conceptual methods are innovative way in contemplating of the thought that his molding works obviously need his sweat and tears by himself in order to complete it, because it has complicated many process, by hand manufacturing and depicting well with acrylic colors through like a bit suffering so that looking fabulous in concave shape, it more mysterious looking depends on the beam lights situation at exhibition place. So that his unusual works definitely give us a fun and enjoyable thing by taking the public eyes, through his aesthetic dualism work with painting and sculpture when we focus on looking them.
I'm who I'm, 92cmX92cm, Oil painting,Papers and Plaster relief on canvas
I'm who I'm, 112cmX 78cm, Oil Painting Papers and Plaster relife on canvas
I'm who I'am, 112cmX92cm,oil painting,papers, Plaster relife on canvas
Ego- Horses, 78X94cm, Mixed Media on Canvas with box,2017
Ego- Woman, 78X94cm, Mixed Media on Canvas 2017
Ego- Man, 78X94cm, Mixed Media on Canvas 2017
  18-06-26 02:17
His work is magnificent.
We go to the other side of us with his inspiration going into the depth of our seeing through the canvas.....